Saturday, November 05, 2005

News Round-up

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Lots of great things have been happening for Valour-IT this week. Here's a sample (updated as I think of more):

"The Big Brass" meets Valour-IT: The Secretary of the Army visited Carren and Chuck Ziegenfuss at Walter Reed and is very interested in Valour-IT. His Aide-de-camp gave Chuck and Carren his contact info and said to call if no one contacts Soldiers' Angels within two weeks. The Defense Department and li'l ole me are two concepts that just refuse to mesh in my mind...good thing I've got Chuck to talk to them for us!

Super Supporter: A Vietnam veteran and supporter of Valour-IT has some amazing things planned for us. For the last several years he's put together a Christmas fundraising drive in early November for Support the Troops efforts. This year he is focusing on Valour-IT. As a 30-year employee in his company, he knows just about everyone and everything associated with it. He's been hitting up is coworkers and vendors and will send all donations as a group to us on November 14. He told us he just received his first check from a coworker the other day. It was for $700.

T-shirts are Coming! Really: Soldiers' Angels has offered to buy about 300 T-shirts for us to use as we wish. They are still in development and so may or may not be available as premiums during the fundraising competition. However, we will definitely have them for sale in time for Holiday shopping. UPDATE: Expect to see T-shirts and possibly mugs with Cox and Forkum's Valour-IT cartoon on them very soon.

Possible Partnership: We have been approached by an organization of wounded veterans that solicits charitable donations on behalf of worthy charities. They focus on programs that support wounded veterans and their families, such as the Semper Fi Fund and Wounded Warriors. A Valour-IT supporter met their General Manager at an airshow a few weeks ago, and we are now in contact with them. Stay tuned.

Valour-IT Moves to Fort Lewis: With the funds raised this past week, we are expanding the Valour-IT program to Madigan Regional Medical Center at Ft. Lewis, WA (home of the Strykers and LTC Kurilla). As soon as arrangements are made for their receipt and distribution, ten laptops will be shipped.

A Corporate Sponsor for Valour-IT?: A well-known computer manufacturing company is working out the details on possibly supplying us with as many refurbished laptops as we can use. We've had contacts say things like this before, only to have it fall through, but this one looks like the real deal. Details as soon as it becomes official.

Charlie Mike (Continue the Mission): Though we have met our initial (overly-cautious) fundraising goal, Soldiers' Angels has urged us to continue the competition according to schedule (ending on Veterans Day). Patti Bader assures me that our fundraising is not putting a crimp in donations to the Christmas projects and other activities at SA. More news on this subject later this weekend.

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