Friday, August 19, 2005

News and Needs

Recent news and activities:

  • We have raised over $7500 (not including checks from this week)
  • 10 Laptops, software and bags on the way to Bethesda (4 will be passed on to Walter Reed)
  • Valour-IT will be in the Washington Post this weekend as part of a look at Soldiers' Angels activities at Walter Reed Army Medical Center and an interview with CPT Chuck Ziegenfuss
  • FbL will be interviewed by Holly Aho for a podcast this evening
  • John Donovan/Lt. Smash may be appearing on the Roger Hedgecock Show (talk radio) in San Diego to talk about Valour-IT next week
  • There are a couple large corporations who may be interested in helping Valour-IT, but nothing definite (If you work at a medium/large company that you think might like to help, please comment below, or contact FbL for materials that may be useful in your effort and to avoid overlap)
  • Look for a milblog fundraising competition to develop soon
  • In the next couple weeks or less we will (hopefully) have press kits available to present to major media and corporations/foundations
  • Pending copyright approval on a photo, we will soon have an excellent Powerpoint presentation available to those making pitches to corporations and foundations (Thanks, Lex!)

  • Graphics for flyers
  • Tech help at Bethesda/Walter Reed (email FbL to connect with the local volunteer coordinator)
  • Contacts with a leading military figure or a politican of national stature embraced by both sides that we can show the program to for the purposes of getting an endorsement

UPDATE: Contrary to expectations/hopes, no mention of Valour-IT in the WaPo article.


Kat said...

Question: Do we have something like official "thank you notes" and things that we can send to the people that help us out with discounts, news coverage etc?

You know, even those that don't help us, we should always thank them for listening, taking the time, etc. It keeps us in their minds for the future, makes us seem professional and not fly by night and just maybe, those that don't help will feel a small measure of guilt. *wink*

For those that help and we send them thank you cards and things, it keeps us in their minds for the future. They may follow up (like newspaper and other media).

It's a great communication tool.

Tom Miller said...

Great idea, kat!!!

On the Washington Post and lack of mention of Valour-IT, possibly there will be a followup (especially if Chuck calls in and growls a little bit?).

I'll keep working various angles for $$$ out here in sunny CA (well, right now it's kind of cloudy and cold actually).

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